05 May

Course Report

Course Report

Week ending May 11th

What a wet week!!! This week we have had 28mm (1.1 inches) of rain, already the monthly total is 49mm (just short of 2 inches!). This has meant that the course is very wet although as we are on chalk it does drain very well.

The course has started to grow in places and where we are able to we have been cutting the semi rough, fairways and tees. This may mean a bit of mess / ‘clumpy’ grass clippings lying around; this will decrease as we get drier.

Due to having our bunkers ‘lined’ with a product called Sportcrete which aides, among other things, drainage they have remained reasonably dry and manageable so we have kept them looking good.

With the temperature’s getting warmer we should start to see a change in the greens as the fine grasses start to wake up and grow.

Dale Hand

(Course Manager)






Our weather forecast is from WP Wunderground