05 May

May Newsletter

Happy 3rd Birthday Clandon Golf.

On the 15th May 2010 the first nine holes at Clandon Golf were opened by the Mayor of Guildford, the second nine followed twelve months later.

“My vision has always been ‘Jaguar golf at Ford prices’ and the whole idea is to give people who are passionate about golf the chance to play a fantastic course without burning a hole in their pockets on fees” Guy Buckley Managing Director Clandon Golf May 2010

At Clandon we have created a truly stunning golf course. At many other courses’ high fees bar individuals, families and friends from playing as often as they would like. Clandon provides ‘ROLLS ROYCE golf at Ford prices’ (cheapest for miles – we’ve checked).

Take Advantage of Our Fantastic Membership Offer.
7 days unlimited golf membership for just £600. ALSO, includes one child under 18, FREE of charge. Call us on 01483 451867 for further details.

We have full planning permission for a superb clubhouse (plans on the notice board), however in the present financial climate, it is taking longer than hoped. We are in constant discussions with interested parties, and will keep you informed of any further news.

Basic Golf Etiquette
Below a few basics that make the game even more enjoyable for everyone.

Always show the greatest respect for playing partners, other golfers, the golf course, and the great game of golf.

Dress Code:
Unlike traditional clubs we do not have a strict dress code. We understand styles are constantly changing however there been a couple of occasions where we have asked people to change before we have allowed them on the course and we are more relaxed than most..

Before the Match:
If you have booked a Tee Time, please arrive early.

Teeing Off:
Pick up your tee after teeing off, if broken please drop the bits in the box.

Quiet, Please:
Don’t talk when another golfer is preparing to hit or putt and no mobile phones

Three Laws of Safety:
1.Make sure no one gets hit by a ball, a club or a buggy.
2. Wait until the players ahead of you are out of range
3. Shout “fore” loudly if your shot has the slightest chance of hitting any other players.

Proper Pace:
1.Consider the players following you; ensure that you are playing at a proper pace,
2. Write your score on the scorecard when you reach the next tee not on the green.
3 Lost ball? Look for a few minutes, but not more than five. Wave through the following group. If you don’t find it, play a new ball and take a penalty.

Care of the Fairways:
Repair divots by retrieving and replacing the grass chunks then pressing them down with your foot.

Remember the following player must play the ball as he finds it – even from your footprint! So cover your tracks, rake the sand after your shot with the rake provided.

Repair ball marks with a ball-mark repair tool or a tee to pull back the grass that is bunched up, and then press it down with your fingers or your putter.

Sorry for the delay. We want to include everyone who plays at Clandon in our competitions but there is a grey area regarding handicaps for pay and play members with the English Golf Union – we are working on it. If you do not have an official handicap please hand in 3 cards and we will issue club handicaps, so that we can include everyone in our competitions.

Monday to Friday Early Birds
We have a number of regulars who like an early round, some before they go off to work. Anyone who tees off before 8.30 am Monday to Friday, it’s now £12.50 for 18, £7.50 for 9

Magic Moments for Autistic Kids
We have just sent another £124.68 to “Magic Moments for Autistic Kids” taking our total sent to £361.06. This has been raised by selling golf balls from the quarry and golf gear left on the course.

Jazz and a drink on Friday evenings.
Graham the old geezer who normally does the Friday afternoon/evening shift plays a few jazz cd’s and opens a bottle of plonk about 5ish in the cabin. Until the club house is built we can’t sell booze but we can give it away. Start the weekend right with a game and a glass on Friday afternoon//evening.

Pro Tip
“I have a tip that can take 5 strokes of anyone’s golf game.
It’s called an eraser” Arnold Palmer.

Clandon Golf
01483 451867

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