09 Sep

24th Sept Covid-19 Update

24th Sept:   To All Members & Visitors,

In view of the recent Govt announcement on the spread of Covid-19 and in line with England Golf requirements we will be continuing our ‘2-Ball Maximum Group Size’ policy for the foreseeable future and have no plans to change our current arrangements. The Clandon Diner and the outdoor seating will continue to be out of service until further notice so customers are requested to arrive just before their round and to leave immediately afterwards.

Part of the new Govt directive means that we require customers/members to wear a face mask if they enter the clubhouse and that all congregating, either in the car park or other areas is strictly forbidden so we would appreciate it if everybody could help keep Covid-19 away from the club by following our Covid-19 restrictions. With so many people going away on holiday and then returning to play at the club we all must be extra vigilant and Covid-19 aware.

Please note that the flag stick remains in the cup, there are no ball washers and no rakes in the bunkers.

“Bunkers • The distance for preferred lies in the bunker is limited to 6 inches and the area cannot be smoothed before placing. (England Golf).”

Kind regards

Geoffrey Legouix