04 Apr

Course Manager Update

We have had one or two enquires from members and visitors about the rough being cut back and undergrowth being cleared thus depriving the skylarks and their feathered cousins of their nesting areas. Thanks for your concern but please rest assured that the rough hasn’t been touched since last October. The lack of growth is due to the lack rain. We’ve not had any rain since 26th of March which makes it the driest spring in 60 years. Alongside to not having any rain we’ve had a frost everyday with temperatures dropping to -1 at night and that. along with the snow we had, has really slowed the growth down. All areas are struggling not just the rough. The birds have now already started nesting in the rough areas so we intend to leave it until October again. It also helps the wildlife if buggies stay out of the rough and keep to the fairways.
The undergrowth work amongst the trees had to be done. The ivy needed to be taken down as the trees were getting strangled and the areas were attracting lots of rabbits so that’s why we cleared it out.
Areas that have been cleared out would have self seeded by now so we are just waiting for some rain which, fingers crossed, is forecast for the next few days and the overnight soil temperature to rise.
Carl Sharp
Course Manager
Clandon Golf Club