04 Apr

Spring Course Report

Spring Course Report

As we progress into the spring and the new season of golf we have to perform our essential course maintenance. Our course stays dry, which has led to us having a large amount of golf over the winter months.

After this we need to relieve the greens and allow them the best opportunity to flourish in the summer months.

To keep the thatch (the layer of organic material that is present just below the surface) down to a desirable level on the greens, we have to perform these essential maintenances. Hollow Coring is one of the best ways to remove thatch. We remove the core, clean this off the surface and replace this with sand, an initial 20 tonne with 20 tonne to follow.
This encourages greater rates of thatch decomposition also opening an airway and water route to the roots. We hope to have planned this with the best possible timings to achieve our desired results giving us a quick recovery and get back to a smooth, firmer and
healthier surface.

We have just invested in a new Top-Dresser which will enable us to perform light dressings on a regular basis – to keep the greens as smooth as possible.

We have hopefully seen the back of the damage on the greens from the badgers and crows. The work we do by implementing these processes in the Spring and Autumn, encouraging healthier turf will again give us more resilience to any future damage.

On the discussion of our feathered friends, we now have the Skylarks back on site, it’s great
to hear them again. We have finished our cutting on the longer rough areas, allowing them to settle and nest. I know it is unavoidable hitting our ball into the rough, unless your Tiger Woods, but when moving through the longer rough areas please take care not to disturb
any nests and if possible try to avoid taking the buggies and trolleys through
these areas.

I hope our Greenkeeping team can continue to provide an enjoyable golf course for all our members, it is great to hear the positive feedback and thanks for the work we do.

Kind regards

Lee Blackburn
Course Manager
Clandon Golf Club
Tel – 07721022477